Job Hunting

Finding a job in Northwestern Ontario isn't always easy - especially as a newcomer. There are many ways to look for a job in the region and below is a list of some of the most relevant resources.  


Local and regional community newspapers all have employment sections, including lower level jobs and professional careers. The Chronicle Journal Careers is published every Saturday and Wednesday and lists job openings in Thunder Bay and region. Find your local community newspaper in Northwestern Ontario.


The online job market is now a popular way to find and apply for work. Online employment sites such as Job Bank allow you to search according to your criteria, such as sector, salary and town. You can also post your resume so that companies looking for specific skills can find you. Larger corporations and governments also post job openings on their own websites. Visit Government of Canada Jobs


They can be found in most towns and usually know about local employers and their needs. Employment centre advisors can help you with all aspects of finding work. They have job listings and other resources to support you in your job search. 


Most agencies are hired by larger companies to recruit executives, managers or professionals. Others deal only with temporary staff (temps), and can find you work in an office environment. To find an agency you can look in the ‘employment agencies’ section of the Yellow Pages Directory – the local telephone book. 


A good place to get started is to visit a career fair in your community. Fairs usually have a range of employers and concentrate on a specific sector. As well as getting general information on employment perspectives in different companies, it is often possible to arrange interviews. 


If a specific company is of interest you can send your resume (CV) with a letter of introduction. Resumes (CVs) are sometimes kept and checked when positions become available. Contact the nearest Settlement Services for assistance in preparing your resume and job searching. 


Sometimes getting a job is about knowing the right people. You should meet new people that are well connected in your community and make sure you let everybody know that you are looking for employment. Local Chambers of Commerce, business associations, Settlement Service agencies and volunteering are great places to start.

Visit Going to Canada to help you get ready for the challenges of finding a job as a newcomer to Canada.


A wide range of employment services are available in Northwestern Ontario to help you keep and achieve your career goals. Employment services include employment agencies but also other professional services such as employment assistance programs, help writing a resume, career counselling, training programs, computer access and other related skills development services.

The best place to find a list of available employment services is in your community’s telephone directory (Yellow Pages). Other employment resources may be available through your local municipal office or website. 

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