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La Municipalità di Rainy River è un’accogliente e ben organizzata comunità situata sul Lake of the Woods, direttamente a nord dello stato del Minnesota, alla frontiera degli Stati Uniti.  È un tesoro naturale nascosto nell’Ontario Nordoccidentale con grandi potenziali per coloro che vogliono aprire un’ attività commerciale, comprare una nuova casa o semplicemente per quelli che vogliono andare in una delle migliori zone di pesca del Canadà.

Rainy River offre un tenore di vita rilassante che si distingue per le tante attività ricreative disponibili per i suoi amichevoli abitanti.  In questa accogliente e attiva comunità c’è sempre qualcosa da fare, a prescindere dall’età, gli interessi o i soldi in tasca.  Come risultato, Rainy River attrae giovani famiglie in cerca di un luogo pulito e sicuro dove crescere i figli, come pure persone anziane che si vogliono rilassare in un ambiente naturale ma che allo stesso tempo hanno bisogno di essere vicini ai servizi importanti.

Un caloroso benvenuto ti aspetta in questo paese rurale.  È una comunità sicura e coltivante che ci ricorda dei giorni che furono.  I nuovi residenti vengono accolti da un Comitato di Benvenuto che fornisce informazioni sulla comunità e li invita a diventare membri di club locali e gruppi comunitari.  Questi sono i luoghi dove i nuovo arrivati potranno conoscere altri membri della comunità e a partecipare alle attività di loro scelta.

Trascorri un po’ di tempo a Rainy River e ben presto apprezzerai lo stile di vita della comunità e la bellezza naturale che ti aspetta per essere scoperta.


Rainy River is ideally located close to both the United States and Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario. The population is 1,000 and still growing, with an increasing number of younger families and retirees moving into the area every year.

Rainy River is a popular choice among families and retirees because it is has the characteristics of a vibrant rural town. It has safe and nurturing neighbourhoods where a sense of pride and community spirit prevails and where co-operation amongst residents, cultural groups, community organizations, and council naturally fosters a small town feeling. 

Services and amenities include:

  • Bank Institutions – Local branches of the Northern Lights Credit Union & CIBC Bank provide full banking services to Rainy River residents.

  • Telecommunications – TBayTel and Bell provide telecommunications services, offering the municipality both cellular service and high-speed internet access.

  • Post Office – A full-service post office serves the municipality from downtown Rainy River. 

  • Policing - An OPP facility within the municipality provides patrol and emergency policing services.

  • Health – The Riverside Health Care Hospital provides basic healthcare and 24-hour emergency medical services. A medical clinic houses general practitioners and other family health and wellness services.

  • Emergency Services - An ambulance base provides emergency first-response medical services. A full Fire Department with volunteer firefighters serves the community.

  • Child Care - Services are provided by Learn, Laugh and Play. It is an excellent facility in Rainy River for preschool children that allows them to develop essential life skills.

  • Service Ontario – Residents have direct access to a Service Ontario office in downtown Rainy River and can access documents and information for all provincial programs.

  • Curling Club – Rainy River has a very active curling community. The weekly men’s and women’s league stays strong, a junior program keeps children active and many bonspiels keep residents busy in the colder months.

  • Recreation Centre - The local Recreation Centre offers both organized sports and a full fitness centre for residents living in the area.

  • Public Library – A full public library is offered to residents and can be found in the Service Ontario building.


The economy of Rainy River accommodates a balance of commerce, industrial development and agriculture. A high priority is placed on the protection of our unique natural environment, which is the defining characteristic of the community.

Employment opportunities exist in the many and varied businesses and industries of the township with a particular emphasis on agricultural, tourism, retail and transportation.

Canadian National Railways is one of the largest employers in the area with shipments of grain, fuel and lumber moving through Rainy River in all directions. A current list of Employment Opportunities is available online.


Rainy River provides a rich and quality academic program that focuses on student success.  Local education is administered by the Rainy River District School Board which works to prepare students for lifelong learning and achievement.

Elementary School

Riverview Elementary School’s small class sizes for grades Kindergarten through Grade 8 offer students an excellent quality of education.  A full roster of teaching and administrative staff ensure that special needs children are given excellent care.

Secondary School

Rainy River High School offers a full curriculum for students intending to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma and is supported by a School Council consisting of dedicated parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, students and community members. The School Council work together to advise, consult and make recommendations to the School Board with the best interests of the students in mind.

Doing Business 

Rainy River’s strategic location near the international U.S border and proximity to the large urban markets of Thunder Bay and Winnipeg, make it a smart investment location for any business.   

Distances to major markets: 

Market Distance
 Thunder Bay, Canada  430 km, 269 miles
Winnipeg, Canada  273 km, 171 miles
 Duluth, United States  320 km, 200 miles
 Minneapolis, United States  566 km - 354 Miles

We’ve got it all - location, a pro-business approach, complementary businesses and services, available land, technology, a growing workforce, and more. Rainy River is also an attractive, safe, and friendly community in which to do business.   Our quality of life is improved through the use of the area’s unique natural resources for business purposes.

With good availability of commercial and industrial property, great transportation links and a wealth of support services available through the town’s economic development office, Rainy River is open to entrepreneurs and new businesses development.


Life in Rainy River can be active or quiet depending on the individual’s preference. Many community members are regulars at baseball games through the summer and at hockey games in the winter.  Others prefer more solitary pursuits like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing or boating and fishing.

Hunting and Fishing

Boreal forests and numerous bodies of water make Rainy River a wildlife paradise. Residents enjoy small-game, deer and moose hunting.  Fishing on the river and nearby lakes is very popular and offers a variety of sport fish ranging from eating-sized trout, pickerel and bass to trophy northern pike and muskellunge.

Recreation Centre

The busy Recreation Centre offers both organized sports and a full fitness centre for individual users. The facility includes an ice rink which offers children’s programs such as figure skating, hockey practices, public skating and more.  In addition, there are programs for adults like exercise classes, baseball and soccer.   

Curling Club

Curling is a very popular pastime in Rainy River and is an activity that involves the community at large from young to old.  The Curling Club becomes a popular place for families to watch or play during the winter months.

Community Garden

A community garden is being constructed to offer growing plots to community members who do not have access to gardens of their own.  All community members are invited to join the group; new gardeners are welcome to learn and experienced growers are encouraged to teach what they know, and families wishing to teach children the basics of gardening will find it an excellent educational and entertainment resource. 


Community groups and the municipality itself host a number of special events designed to entertain residents and visitors throughout the year:

  • Railroad Daze is a weekend-long annual event which takes place in July.  Inspired by the historic local railway system, it attracts residents and visitors to enjoy baseball tournaments, live entertainment, family games and other social dances and parades.

  • Pumpkin Festival grows every year and offers visitors and residents a chance to explore farming life at one of the most colourful times of the year.

  • Walleye Tournament is a well-attended live-release tournament that brings crowds of fishermen and tourists to the area in pursuit of large pickerel and a variety of entertainment.

  • Rainy River Trade Show is hosted by the Rainy River Chamber of Commerce annually in April and enjoys approximately 90 exhibitors from the district and bey

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