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Benvenuti nella Municipalità di Ear Falls 

Una comunità progressiva circondata da bellezze naturali 

La municipalità di Ear Falls, conosciuta come la Capitale dell’Aquila dalla testa bianca, è circondata dalle bellezze naturali a cielo aperto.  Situata lungo il Fiume English sulla sponda settentrionale del Lago Seul, Ear Falls vanta di essere una delle migliori località del Canadà per pesca, caccia e ricreazione all’aperto.

Ear Falls è una base ideale da dove esplorare con la barca, a piedi, con la bici o con la motoslitta il lago Seul e la zona selvatica dell’Ontario Nordoccidentale.  Ci sono centinaia di chilometri di costa, con paesaggi sensazionali che offrono  spiagge sabbiose, tante isole e baie sperdute.  All’interno, troverai campeggi e sentieri di montagna fra le foreste di pini giganti dove l’Aquila dalla testa bianca e altri animali selvatici prosperano.

Con una popolazione di 1,100 abitanti, Ear Falls è un piccolo paese con grandi idee.  La crescita di Ear Falls, durante gli anni, è da attribuire al suo carattere familiare e amichevole e all’industria turistica, come pure alla sua abilità di attrarre continuamente nuove industrie, servizi e attrazioni.  Come risultato, questa municipalità progressiva è diventata una destinazione popolare per le famiglie che vogliono vivere, lavorare e divertirsi.

Qualunque cosa tu cerchi, sia essa una comunità crescente per iniziare una nuova attività, lo scenario perfetto per una casa sul lungolago, o un luogo sicuro per trasferire la tua famiglia in crescita, Ear Falls è naturalmente una sede eccellente.

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Ear Falls is a small township of over 1100 people located in Northwestern Ontario between Red Lake and Machin. With the English River System and Lac Seul on every doorstep, life in Ear Falls is a haven for residents who love fishing and on the water adventures.

Ear Falls aerial image

If you are flying into Canada, residents can access Ear Falls by landing in the international airports of Winnipeg, Manitoba or Thunder Bay, Ontario. Domestic connections can then be easily taken into the regional airports of Dryden, Ontario or Red Lake, Ontario.

Distances to nearest towns:

Nearest Town Distance 
 Ear Falls to Red Lake   70 km (43 miles)
 Ear Falls to Vermillion Bay  98 km (63 miles)
 Ear Falls to Dryden  145 km (90 miles)

There are a number of types of housing available in town to rent or own including: apartments, duplexes (houses split into two sections), town houses and single dwelling houses. Updated listings of available apartments and houses for sale or rent can be found in local newspapers such as the Northern Sun News.

Ear Falls currently has a number of primary health services for residents including a full-time physician, a nurse, telemedicine, a dentist, community counselling, a pharmacy, palliative care services and other essential public health services delivered through the Northwestern Health Unit.

Other services provided to residents include municipal services such as a public library, a waste disposal site and a trailer dumping station, as well as essential policing, fire and ambulance (including air ambulance) services. High quality communications services such as radio and television stations, telephone and internet are also accessible throughout Ear Falls.


Ear Falls has successfully leveraged its natural resources into opportunities for employment and economic development. The township's main industries are hydroelectric power generation, mining, forestry, lumber production, health and social service provision and tourism.

As in many areas around the world, searching for a job can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Ear Falls has local job banks which are available to assist new residents with developing resumes and job hunting skills, and possibly job training. The Northern Sun Newspaper also provides weekly listings of local job opportunities. In Ear Falls, major employment sectors include retail, commercial, manufacturing, health care and public service.

Job Resource Centres:


Families in Ear Falls are provided with access to a full range of education services in a progressive community setting. An Ear Falls education guarantees that students receive individual care and attention in the classroom. Small class sizes and a supportive teaching environment allow educators to build an understanding of the individual needs of each student. This quality of teaching and attention to the individual student can not be found in larger urban centres and provides a solid foundation for children and youth from Ear Falls to achieve educational success at the post-secondary level.

Starting during the pre-school years, the Ear Falls Day Care and Parent Resource Centre assists families to ensure that their children are healthy and ready to learn when they reach school age.

The Ear Falls Public School offers Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes through to Grade 8. After graduating Grade 8, students are transported to the nearby Town of Red Lake for secondary education at the Red Lake District High School (

Doing Business 

Starting A Business

The Township of Ear Falls supports new business development and is committed to working with business owners to ensure that needs are met. Contact the Municipal Office for more information.

The Township of Ear Falls has a number of commercial, industrial and mixed use (residential/commercial) properties for sale. Currently the Township does not require any business licensing. Contact the Municipal Office for more information.

Starting a business in Northern Ontario gives you access to funding that is not available to the rest of the province. As well, increased levels of funding are available to young people who start businesses in Northern Ontario.

The Chukuni Community Development Corporation is another valuable resource for individuals looking for business start-up resources. Investors and entrepreneurs should contact the Community Development office with any questions on locating their business in town.

Currently there are numerous home based businesses within Ear Falls including hair salons, bookkeeper, appliance repair, carpenter, and housekeeping. These businesses have been successful because they filled service gaps in Ear Falls.

As a progressive community, Ear Falls is always ready for future growth thanks to modern water and wastewater treatment plants and a variety of commercial, industrial and mixed use land available for purchase. It is a prime location for starting a new business in Ontario’s true wilderness.


The 1100 residents of Ear Falls are never short of things to do. There are a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities that appeal to people of all ages and interests. Given its unique natural setting, outdoor pursuits are clearly the most popular and numerous in Ear Falls. Here you’ll discover well maintained trails for skiing, hiking, horseback riding, ATVing and snowmobiling, as well as opportunities for some of the best boating, fishing, and hunting in Ontario.

Pakwash Provincial Park, just north of the town, is one of the area’s major attractions and is home to a 1.5 kilometre long sand beach, campgrounds, nature trails and aboriginal rock paintings. Lac Seul is also noted for the remote wilderness fishing it offers. As North America's Bald Eagle Capital, Ear Falls provides a unique opportunity to witness these majestic birds in flight.

Indoors, the community offers an equal variety of recreational facilities, including an arena, a fitness centre, a nine-hole golf course and Country Club, baseball fields and parks.

Other main attractions of Ear Falls include:

  • Trout Forest Music Festival

  • The Waterfront Park with covered picnic areas, playing fields, a fully restored freight boat and the Visitor Information Centre.

  • Big Falls

  • Public Boat Launches

  • OPG Hydro-dams

  • Fall Fair

  • Christmas Parade

  • Royal Canadian Legion

  • Theatre 105

  • Radio Bingo

  • Farmer’s Market (summer months)

  • Gun Club

  • Seniors Club

  • Scouts / Brownies

Contact Us 

The Township of Ear Falls would be pleased to send you an information package with pamphlets and brochures about our community and available services. If you would like to speak with someone from Ear Falls about a specific issue, please feel free to call.

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