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Benvenuti a Oliver Paipoonge

I paesi di Oliver e Paipoonge si sono amalgamati nel 1998 per formare la Municipalità di Oliver Paipoonge.  La nuova municipalità ha un bacino di 350 chilometri quadrati ed è adesso la seconda municipalità più grande come estensione dell’Ontario Nord-Occidentale.  Essa confina ad ovest con la Città di Thunder Bay, e ad est con le municipalità di Neebing, O’Connor, Conmee e Kaministiquia.  Oliver Paipoonge comprende un’area formata da zone residenziali, agricole, industriali e pubbliche ben organizzate.  La sua superficie è formata da zone montuose, laghi, fiumi, foreste e terreni bonificati, il tutto a 30 minuti di distanza dalla città.

La grande estensione dell’area municipale e la sua prossimità a un grande centro urbano offrono ai 5,800 residenti di Oliver Paipoonge una vita di alta qualità e il meglio di entrambi il vivere suburbano e rurale.  Il costo della tassa sulla proprietà come il tasso di criminalità sono più bassi di quelli dei centri suburbani.  La qualità e la varietà dei servizi municipali sono migliori di quelli di aree più piccole, rurali e meno popolate. 

Entro i confini di Oliver Paipoonge e dall’autostrada Trans Canada  ci sono facilmente accessibili i tre paesini di Rosslyn Village, Murillo e Kakabeka Falls, che sono punti focali a livello economico e sociale oltre ad offrire ai residenti facile accesso per fare acquisti quotidiani e ai servizi commerciali.  Fra questi paesini si trovano estese zone agricole e residenziali, aree industriali e altri piccoli centri abitati dove si possono trovare alcune delle varie attrazioni municipali.

Oliver Paipoonge è attraversata dal fiume Kaministiquia ed è sede di
una delle più belle attrazioni naturali del Canadà – le cascate di
Kakabeka e il parco Provinciale di Kakabeka Falls.  Storicamente, la
municipalità è sempre stata una comunità agricola.  Questo si può evidenziare dalla presenza nell’area di tante aziende agricole, casearie, di cereali  e di allevamenti di bestiame. L’agricoltura è diventata un’attrattiva molto popolare grazie alla 
possibilità da parte di alcuni agricoltori di aprire le loro fattorie al   pubblico per raccogliere i propri vegetali o per i tanti divertimenti connessi alla vita agricola.

Perchè non valuti la possibilità di trasferirti a Oliver Paipoonge?


Many of the 720 residents of O’Connor are employed in the City of Thunder Bay or nearby.They consider a 30-minute drive to be a good trade for the peace and safety of country living. They enjoy large lots, lower property taxes and affordable homes that leave room in family budgets for luxury purchases, travel and their children’s education funds. There is much demand for property in O’Connor and, while homes do become available, they sell fast. Those interested in relocating to the area should consult with real estate agents in Thunder Bay or call the Township Office for assistance.

The Township provides a number of services for residents, including a monthly newsletter which communicates municipal information, community news and local advertising. A landfill site which is open twice weekly accepts household waste and recyclables. 67.5 kilometres of roads are cleared of snow in the winter months and maintained in good repair year-round.An agreement between the Township of O’Connor and the nearby Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge gives O’Connor residents the use of two lending and resource libraries.The equipment for a volunteer Fire team and a volunteer First Response team are maintained by theTownship. The municipal government contracts with the Ontario Provincial Police for policing services and is pleased to report that O’Connor has the lowest crime rate in the area.

In addition to volunteer Fire and First Response teams, O’Connor is also served by Superior North EMS, an ambulance service with a satellite base within a 10 minute drive of the Township. Emergency medical care is administered at the Thunder Bay Regional Health & Sciences Centre, a state-of-the-art facility with a 24 hour emergency room and 375 acute-care beds.

Family medical care is available through a variety of clinics, health units and general practitioners offices in Thunder Bay. Once a month a nurse practitioner from the NorWest Community Health Centre visits the Township at the O’Connor Community Centre. They provide foot care appointments, workshops, information sessions and flu shots when required.

Most working parents make use of day care facilities in Thunder Bay which are convenient to their place of work. Private sitters are available within the Township and new residents are encouraged to attend community events in order to meet neighbours and develop relationships with other parents.

O’Connor is home to an active community of senior citizens. Senior services are available in the nearby town of Kakabeka Falls. A branch of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Rural 60 Plus Centre operate there and offer a variety of supports including social events, education and some personal care services.A number of service clubs operate within the Township, including the O’Connor Women’s Institute and the O’Connor Fire Department Auxiliary. The O’Connor Community Club is the primary organizer of community events and is a great way to get to know neighbours and begin integrating into the community.

Faith services within the municipality are provided by a Baptist and a Free Methodist church. In Kakabeka Falls and within a 15 minute drive for most residents are Lutheran, United and Catholic churches.

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Working and Doing Business 

Most O’Connor residents work or do business in the nearby City of Thunder Bay which is a 30 minute commute from the Township through attractive scenery and light highway traffic. Numerous home-based businesses including auto mechanics, hair dressers, wood contractors and truckers serve the needs of area residents. Opportunities exist in Thunder Bay in various fields for independent business, professional services and, in particular, medical professionals.

While the Township is not seeking to attract larger industry to the area, it welcomes small and home-based businesses. Those wishing to work from their homes will be pleased to learn of low property tax rates and the availability of high-speed internet throughout most of the municipal area; information-based and professional service businesses can be easily accommodated. Small manufacturing-based businesses will appreciate easy access to the Trans-Canada highway for easy shipping.

Those considering relocating to O’Connor and planning to seek work in Thunder Bay will find assistance at various employment service agencies and through the HRSDC Job Bank.The regional newspaper, The Chronicle Journal, carries career ads and is delivered to the township.

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Elementary school students in O’Connor may attend one of two excellent schools run by the Lakehead Board of Education. Most resident children attend Whitefish Valley Public School in the neighbouring Gillies Township which is south of O’Connor and which offers an after-school care program. Other students attend Kakabeka Falls Public School to the east of the township in Kakabeka Falls. The Thunder Bay Catholic school board also buses students from O’Connor to Holy Family School approximately 25 minutes from the Township.

High school students attend one of three high schools on the south end of Thunder Bay. Westgate Collegiate & Vocational Institute and Sir Winston Churchill CVI are both run by the Lakehead Board of Education. St. Patrick High School is part of the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board. All three schools are an approximate 30 minute drive from the Township. Bussing services are provided for elementary and high school students and generally pick up and drop off of students is at the end of their driveway. If a student wishes to pursue a program that is not offered in any of the three schools special arrangements can be made to attend one of the others in the North ward of the City of Thunder Bay.

Child care services are available at the Rural Best Start hub (Little Lions) at Whitefish Valley School. This centre offers family drop-in services for early childhood education, free programs for children, family learning activities and the opportunity to connect with other families and other family services. The majority of working parents commute and use child care facilities near their place of work in Thunder Bay.

Adult Education resources and services are available in Thunder Bay. English as a Second Language and high school equivalency courses are offered through the Lakehead District School Board and various private institutions. Continuing and post-secondary education programs are available at Lakehead University and Confederation College in Thunder Bay. Courses in higher education are also available through distance learning centres like Contact North, which has offices in Thunder Bay.

Those wishing to make use of library facilities can visit two libraries in the neighbouring Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge, where an agreement has been made between the Municipalities which allows O’Connor residents to make use of the lending and resource materials. One library is in the hamlet of Murillo, approximately a 20 minute away, and another is in Rosslyn Village, 25 minutes away.

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For many O’Connor residents their large properties, safe roads and quiet neighbourhoods mean the opportunity to enjoy hobbyist lifestyles. Among them are bee-keepers, great loom weavers, potters, hobby-farmers and equestrians.

Within the Township the O’Connor Community Club plans family events and activities along with the Fire Department Auxiliary who organize different fundraising events involving the community. The Club is a great way to meet other residents and develop relationships within the community, and always welcomes new members. The Council and staff, along with the Community Club, Fire Department and First Response members, hosts an annual O’Connor Day held on the fourth Saturday of August at the Community Centre. The event brings out people from the Township, their family, friends and neighbours for a fun-filled day of events including tournaments, children’s events, BBQ and fireworks to end the day. The O’Connor Community Centre is located in the centre of the Township and is the location for most organized events. It has a skating rink, horseshoe pits, a baseball diamond and a soccer field. The Community Hall, within the Centre, is available to rent for events.

A number of children’s sports leagues and summer camps operate in the group of small municipalities in the area, any of which is within a 15 or 20 minute driving distance from O’Connor. Children can join others in their age groups in playing soccer, baseball and hockey. An organized hockey league at the NorWest Arena just east of Kakabeka Falls offers both recreational and competitive hockey for adults and children. Various locations offer private horseback riding lessons and trail rides.

Outdoor activities are very popular among O’Connor residents. The natural features of the land promote an active lifestyle enjoyed year-round. In the warmer months residents enjoy swimming, boating and fishing in the numerous creeks, streams and lakes in the area.There is an abundance of wildlife; many residents are avid hunters of deer and small game and can hunt without having to leave their property. The Cedar Falls Conservation Area is within the Township and offers excellent hiking trails with a lovely view of the waterfall. Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park abuts the East boundary of the Township and offers summer swimming and hiking. The Park maintains cross-country ski trails in the winter, and also provides residents with an area to enjoy snowshoeing, sliding and snowmobiling. Downhill skiing enthusiasts can also take advantage of one of two area facilities within the City of Thunder Bay.Residents seeking more urban recreation and entertainment are within a 30 minute drive of attractions in Thunder Bay. Amenities include a Community Auditorium which hosts international acts and a local symphony orchestra, a well-recognized local theatre company, a multiplex cinema showing current movies, bowling alleys, golf courses, nightclubs and restaurants.

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