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Scheiber è situata sulla costa settentrionale del Lago Superiore, lungo l’autostrada numero 17 nell’Ontario a sole due ore di distanza da Thunder Bay.  Siamo un paese piccolo che offre ai suoi residenti lo scenario perfetto per godere uno stile di vita bilanciato: case e terreni a basso costo, un posto accogliente dove crescere una famiglia, la possibilità di sviluppare un’attività commerciale e tanti modi per divertirsi con attività all’aria aperta.

Situata strategicamente al centro del Canadà, Schreiber è una comunità a servizio completo che ha facile accesso ai maggiori  percorsi di trasporto quali quello ferroviario della Canadian Pacific Railway e quello stradale della Trans Canada Highway.  Siamo inoltre una comunità multiculturale che è allocata tra uno dei paesaggi più meravigliosi del mondo.

L’area è famosa per le sue scogliere rocciose, i suoi percorsi nelle foreste, le sue spiagge tranquille – il posto ideale per vivere all’aperto e fare esperienze emozionanti.  Il nostro paese si vanta di essere una delle migliori zone: per la pesca sia estiva che invernale, per andare in  motoslitta; di avere panorami da mozzafiato e una natura meravigliosa.

Oggi, l’ascendenza italiana e il patrimonio ferroviario di Scheiber sono rimasti ancora predominanti.  Troverai in tutta la comunità una perfetta miscela del fascino antico e moderno.  Questo senso della tradizione è radicato in tutto; dalla cucina all’accoglienza amichevole che ricevi dalle persone che incontri per la strada.  Schreiber è di sicuro la destinazione perfetta per chiunque stia cercando un po’ di “ospitalità natia”.

Saremmo compiaciuti di farti conoscere la nostra comunità e discutere le varie opportunità che ci sono disponibili.

Per ulteriori informazioni contatta la Municipalità di Schreiber.


By living in Schreiber you get to enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of Canada every day. The township sits peacefully on one of the most picturesque areas of Highway 17, along the Lake Superior shoreline, and approximately 500 kilometres northwest of Sault St. Marie and 200 kilometres east of Thunder Bay.

There is a population of around 1,235 residents here, with an additional 1,700 people living just 14 kilometres to the east in Terrace Bay. Schreiber is also a popular place to stop for travellers on their way to or from the northwest region by road or rail.

Throughout history, the community has become renowned as one of Northern Ontario’s great railway towns.  It came to be in 1885, named after an accomplished railway engineer, Sir Collingwood Schreiber. The Canadian Pacific Railway is still a visually active part of this town. A restored 1955 yard engine, an authentic motorcar and a rail display are all located in the downtown business area.

Traditionally, Schreiber is also a community that welcomes newcomers to live and work. The comfortable quality of life, beautiful setting and favourable employment conditions have always attracted immigrants to the area. In Schreiber today you will find residents of many cultures and ethnicities living side by side with a particularly large Italian population.

Schreiber offers its diverse residents a year-round outdoor lifestyle with many free and affordable activities.  Our local people spend very little time inside the home even in the winter although large, single family homes at affordable prices are plentiful.

Schreiber also has a thriving downtown sector with excellent community facilities. There are four churches, eight motels, four restaurants, a post office, a fire hall and a public library available to local residents. Most importantly, residents in Schreiber have access to superb health care with three doctors operating in the community as well as dental, public health, pharmaceutical and several other wellness services.

For those seeking a safe, clean and wholesome way of life, Schreiber is an excellent option.


For many years Schreiber’s economy has been heavily dependent on the forestry industry, especially the Terrace Bay Paper Mill. But thanks to diversification and regeneration the economic picture in Schreiber is very different today.

The forestry industry is still important to the local economy and accounts for a significant percentage of local and regional jobs. Other important employment sectors include transportation, tourism/hospitality, health and public services.

Schreiber continues to develop as a thriving transportation centre. Indeed the Canadian Pacific Railway is one of the largest employers in the area and many other sales and service businesses exist to support the local rail and road networks.

McCausland Hospital, the area’s main medical and health centre, is also right on Schreiber's doorstep. The 23 bed facility provides many permanent jobs to local residents in specialized health care fields, administration as well as housekeeping and maintenance. The JE Stokes Medical Clinic is also located in Schreiber town centre and is the headquarters for the North Shore Family Health Team.

Other major employers located within a 15 kilometre radius of the community are:

  • Terrace Bay Pulp Inc

  • Canadian Pacific Railway

  • McCausland Hospital

  • Township of Terrace Bay

  • Township of Schreiber

  • Superior Greenstone School Board

  • Voyageur Restaurant and Motel

  • Costa’s Food Market

Download the complete Schreiber community profile for more local employment information.


Schreiber is a town with a proud record in education. Our schools are supported in their work by the Township and students are encouraged in their achievements. Together with the neighbouring community of Terrace Bay, Schreiber provides a full education service to residents through its preschool, elementary and secondary schools. Schreiber also has licensed daycare at the Kids’ Corral Centre offering toddler, preschool and after school programs.

Postsecondary and lifelong learning activities are provided through several regional organizations. The Schreiber Training Centre offers advanced training courses and the Adult Learning Centre programs can be accessed for skills upgrading.

Educational institutions serving the residents of Schreiber are:

Elementary School:

  • English Public – Schreiber Public School
  • English Separate – Holy Angels School
  • French Separate – Ecole Franco-Terrace (14 km East)

Secondary School:

  • English – Lake Superior High School


  • Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology (Thunder Bay 200km West)


  • Lakehead University (Thunder Bay 200km West)

Distance Education

  • Contact North/Contact Nord

Adult Literacy

  • Schreiber / Terrace Bay Adult Learning Centre
Doing Business 

The Township of Schreiber has undertaken a detailed analysis of the local economy and has developed a plan to move the local business community forward. Schreiber’s labour force provides diverse skills, the municipality has a strong infrastructure and with the business support and advice offered by both a dedicated local Community Economic Development Office and provincial and federal support programs, the town offers strong selling points to entrepreneurs and investors.

Some of the initiatives currently happening or being examined for implementation include:

  • Community marketing and branding initiative.

  • Construction of the new St. Martin School and Ecole Franco Terrace School

  • Funding for the long-term care project expansion of the McCausland Hospital

  • Construction of the Rail Array Festival and Heritage site in Schreiber

  • Creation of a health professional retention and recruitment committee

  • Further development of the North Shore Family Health team

  • Development of a downtown revitalization project

  • Feasibility study on the potential for wind power generation in the region

  • Development of different studies targeting investment identification and attraction

  • Design and conduct of energy efficiency workshops for residents and businesses

  • Targeting of European tourists in partnership with international marketing groups

  • Redesign of marketing initiatives, including township websites and marketing videos

  • Further development of partnerships for business expansion with private sector

  • Conducting tests on solar powered street lighting

Some of the numerous benefits to investing and doing business in Schreiber include:

  • Low worker health benefits in comparison to the United States and other countries

  • Stable regional economy with steady employment and customer traffic at Canadian Pacific railway, Terrace Bay Pulp Inc investing $45 million in 2007/2008 and McCausland Hospital investing $7 million in 2007/2008

  • Available, affordable commercial/industrial land

  • Available, affordable residential real estate

  • High potential for renewable energy alternatives

  • Excellent transportation options with highway, railway and access to Lake Superior

  • Existing base of regional trades labour

  • Strong regional education options in Lakehead University & Confederation College

To assist you in your decision, or for any more information, please feel free to contact one of the following municipal contacts:

Mr. Anthony Friedrich

Community Development Officer

Township of Schreiber

204 Alberta Street

Schreiber, ON P0T 2S0

Office: 807) 824-2711 Ext. 228

Fax: (807) 824-3231



Jon Hall

Clerk/Deputy Treasurer

Schreiber Municipal Office

608 Winnipeg Street

Schreiber, ON P0T 2S0

Office: (807) 824-2711 ext. 25

Fax: (807) 824-3231



Schreiber is located in the heart if it all.  We invite you to enjoy our unspoiled outdoors and take in one of our four season pastimes, including the Casque Isle Hiking Trail, The Trans Ontario Province Snowmobile Trail, and cross country skiing. Schreiber also boosts excellent areas for mountain biking and over twenty seven inland lakes for fishing, boating, canoeing and hunting.

Another destination point for any visitor to the Schreiber area is a trip down the newly redesigned Isbester Drive to beautiful Schreiber Beach.  At the beach, you will find a wonderful gazebo that makes it possible for everyone to enjoy this truly beautiful area along Lake Superior.

In addition to beaches and fresh waters, Schreiber offers countless opportunities for sports and recreation. Enjoy watching Triple A ice-hockey from our league champions the Schreiber Diesels, participate in a class at the Schreiber Community Recreation Hall, or enjoy a round of golf on the North Shore’s most beautiful course, the Aguasabon Golf Course.

Everyone in the community has the opportunity to benefit from our recreational facilities. Clubs and individuals are encouraged to use them for organized as well as for social competition. Staff are always on hand to show people around our community facilities and to answer questions and listen to suggestions.

The most attractive feature of Schreiber is definitely our friendly people. Community volunteers organize many excellent programs and events including Our Heritage Days Festival in July, Winter Carnival in February, Minor Hockey, Figure Skating, Harvest Food Cupboard...the list goes on. The warmth and friendliness of our community will soon make you feel at home here.

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