Município De Nipigon

Bem-vindo a Nipigon, Ontário 

Onde as terras e os lagos se cruzam no Canadá 

Nipigon, município situado num ponto central do Canadá, em plena área natural, engloba a Zona de Proteção Nacional da Vida Marinha do Lago Superior – a maior área protegida de água doce no mundo.  

Sendo a única comunidade que oferece multisserviços num raio de 100 km em qualquer direção, Nipigon é naturalmente um ponto central de acesso a tantos lagos, paisagens e atrações existentes na área. Uma parte da pesca de água doce mais impressionante existente no Canadá começa em cada primavera nos lagos e rios de Nipigon, local do recorde mundial da truta de riacho.

Situada entre a imensidade de água doce do Lago Superior, do Lago Nipigon e do Rio Nipigon, é claramente a água que torna a região de Nipigon mais conhecida, mas não é tudo. Em redor dos lagos e rios há florestas boreais, parques florestais e costas escarpadas que proporcionam um ambiente natural à dinâmica comunidade local. 

Predominantemente rural, Nipigon é uma comunidade que aproveita ao máximo os seus recursos naturais. As indústrias baseadas nos recursos naturais têm sucesso, onde os pontos fortes são o turismo das quatro estações, a tecnologia ambiental, a silvicultura e a pesca. Duas pontes atravessam o rio Nipigon, constituindo as principais ligações rodoviárias e ferroviárias este-oeste das redes de transportes canadenses, incluindo a estrada Trans-Canada Highway. 

A localização estratégica de Nipigon e as redes de transportes oferecem muitas vantagens aos seus habitantes, empresas e visitantes. A acrescentar ao ambiente extraordinário, existem escolas excelentes, assistência social e médica, atividades culturais e de tempos livres e habitação acessível, as quais proporcionam uma qualidade de vida incomparável.


Nipigon is located on the North shore of Lake Superior and is a small urban township with a permanent population of 1,752. Whether you are relocating your family, starting a business or retiring, Nipigon is the ultimate way of life for those who love nature and the great outdoors.

Living on the edge of pristine conservation areas and excellent recreation year-round are just some of the many things that make Nipigon so desirable. The area is well-connected by major highway and rail transportation routes and acts as a major service centre for the entire North Shore region. Its picturesque setting is strategically located only 100 kilometres east of the City of Thunder Bay.

An excellent range of community services are provided by the local municipality including a library, community centre, tourism information centre and Fire Hall. The Township of Nipigon also manages the world-class Nipigon Marina, the only freshwater port north of the 49th Parallel. Nipigon Marina is capable of accommodating boats of any size and first-class sailing facilities are based at the waterfront. Learn more about municipal services online at:

Local businesses and organizations deliver additional community programs and services in Nipigon, all designed to help residents get the most out of life.  In Nipigon’s downtown core, you will find accommodations, dining, shopping, churches of all denominations, child care, business development agencies, and the Nipigon District Memorial Hospital.

Nipigon Township currently has 3 schools serving the community including two elementary schools, offering both public and catholic education, and secondary school services through the Nipigon-Red Rock High School. Adult education services are also delivered to the community through Contact North and the Superior North Literacy Adult Learning Centre. The Adult Learning Centre is available to help adults 18 years of age and older to achieve their High School diploma or practical workforce related skills.

Click here for a complete listing of Nipigon’s community services.

Doing Business 

Nipigon is one of Northwestern Ontario’s busiest centres outside of Thunder Bay for business services and health and social agencies. With two elementary schools, a hospital, and several other government departments, the public sector is a major employer in Nipigon.

At the same time, Nipigon remains one of Northwestern Ontario’s principal centres for natural resource based industries with particular strengths in four-season tourism, environmental technology, forestry and fishing. With such rich natural resources, Nipigon offers an ideal base for environmental research, innovation and sustainable economic development opportunities.

Opportunities for small businesses that are compatible with the local lifestyle and environment are also endless in Nipigon. This is a community where everyone is your neighbour and community support is in abundance for new local entrepreneurs. A recent entrepreneurial business success was the trade marking of the Nipigon Nylons name and associated product sales.  View the complete Nipigon Business Directory online.

Looking to the future, the main business priorities for Nipigon are:

  • Attract new ventures

  • Initiate tourism opportunities

  • Revitalize the downtown core

  • Support existing and new entrepreneurs and businesses

  • Promote Nipigon worldwide.

The Township of Nipigon Economic Development Office and the Superior North Community Futures Development Corporation work to promote key sectors of the local economy and provide essential support to businesses and employers in the area. 


Nipigon is a town for all seasons as it offers family recreation and social activities year round.

The Nipigon Community Centre is operated by the Nipigon Township and offers multi-purpose indoor activities such as ice-hockey, figure skating and basketball, in addition to fitness, sewing and other programming.  For outdoor recreation facilities, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, a swimming pool and a golf course are available.

Paddle-to-The-Sea Park is Nipigon’s newest recreational attraction for children and adults. It features an interpretive, themed family park in Nipigon’s downtown core, which continues along a newly constructed promenade to the spectacular Nipigon Marina. This world-class attraction is part of Nipigon’s downtown revitalization project.

Outside of its impressive facilities and attractions, Nipigon is a natural playground for residents and visitors. A picturesque marina and wondrous waterways make Nipigon a world-renowned destination for water activities. Some of Canada’s best freshwater fishing action starts on the Nipigon lakes and rivers every spring. The world record brook trout weighing 14lb was caught on the Nipigon River in 1915 and since that time, the river has become a Mecca for anglers. This is where you’ll find some of the biggest brook trout in the world as well as plentiful walleye, salmon, sturgeon and lake trout.  Other popular water activities in Nipigon include sailing, kayaking, boating, canoeing and diving.  Here, you can spend days and weeks exploring the beaches, islands and coastlines of the Nipigon lakes and rivers by water.

Camping, hiking, mountain biking, rock and ice climbing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and back country snow showing in the fresh air of the boreal forests are also popular pastimes for local residents.  Nipigon is conveniently situated near to Ruby Lake Provincial Park and Dorion’s Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park. Other local Nipigon highlights include a historical walking tour, spectacular lookouts over the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, the Red Rock-Nipigon Hiking Trail and the Nipigon Historical Museum.

Nipigon also hosts several major festivals and events throughout the year. The Nipigon Fall Fishing Festival Parade takes place on Canadian Labour Day, which is the first weekend of September, and is perhaps the most anticipated of all local events. It draws thousands of visitors from across Northwestern Ontario and beyond. The Nipigon Blueberry Blast held the first weekend in August is also a family favourite and features a parade, live entertainment and of course, lots of blueberries. Other seasonal events include the Hike for health held on the third weekend in September, the Lake Helen Pow Wow and the Christmas Parade of Lights.

With such diverse adventures waiting to be discovered, Nipigon is clearly the best that nature has to offer. You'll find many suggestions of what to do in Nipigon on our website at:

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