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Newcomers provide an exciting source of skilled labour and professional talent for every type of organization and in every sector. From healthcare and construction to hospitality and mining, you can benefit from diversifying your workforce and recruiting new skill sets.

A large percentage of internationally trained workers arrive in Canada every year with extensive skills and experience that can help employers to overcome knowledge gaps and labour shortages. Employers in Northwestern Ontario also find that newcomers provide their organizations with a competitive edge by introducing new perspectives and international connections. 

Canadian immigration policy prioritizes candidates who will contribute to the economic success of our communities. When you choose to build an internationally trained workforce, you benefit from the critical skills, experiences and ambitions of diverse people who are ready to make a new life in Canada.

Did you know?

Comprehensive requirements are in place to ensure that well-qualified and experienced newcomers are selected and admitted to work in Canada.

This Employer Portal provides essential information, resources and tools to help employers in Northwestern Ontario successfully attract, recruit and retain newcomers into the regional workforce.

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This guide has been designed as a resource for employers to assist with the inclusion of Internationally Trained Individuals (ITIs) in the workplace. Attraction, hiring and retention strategies are important aspects that employers must embrace to ensure a competitive business environment. As an employer, hiring the best person for the job is instrumental to business success