If you are an employer who is interested in recruiting newcomers to your organization but need help to get started, this information is for you. There are several steps to consider in order in order to successfully prepare and recruit newcomers into your workplace.

The first step for any organization is to get some advice about the best recruitment pathways.  There are several options for employers to recruit newcomers; both newcomers already living in Canada as well as individuals from other countries.

  • Newly arrived Permanent Residents (PR) are the easiest pool of newcomer talent for employers as they are eligible to live and work anywhere in Canada without restrictions. Often, Permanent Residents are underemployed when they first arrive in Canada and are more willing to move to different cities for the right employment offer. 

Did you know?

Over 70% of newcomers to Ontario have some post-secondary education or training.

  • International students and international student graduates are also a valuable source of talent for employers. International college and university students are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during their studies and full-time during study breaks. Recent international student graduates are also eligible to apply for a postgraduate work permit for a maximum of three years.

For employers wanting to recruit or sponsor international employees who may be willing to relocate to Canada, various Federal and Provincial immigration programs are available to help employers achieve their recruitment goals.

Programs such as Express Entry, Opportunities Ontario, the Federal Skilled Worker program and the Temporary Foreign Worker program are all available to employers. In all situations, Canadian immigration law places specific requirements on employers and the employee. See our Glossary of Terms for Employers for more information. 

Canadian immigration laws and programs are subject to change. Please visit the Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration (CIC) for the latest news. 

Step 2: Once you have determined your recruitment objectives, you will need to ensure that your company job descriptions are inclusive and welcoming to newcomers. Choose barrier-free language that will encourage newcomers and international candidates to apply. Make sure you clearly define language requirements for your job opportunity. 

Step 3: Ensure that your advertising and job search strategy uses tools and media that market to newcomer job seekers.  Job banks are an excellent way to target national and international job seekers with your employment opportunity.

Step 4: Expand your job search when necessary to engage directly with newcomers and international candidates. You may require assistance from employment service agencies, local Colleges and Universities and settlement services organizations. Career fairs are also a great way to connect with potential employees and specifically ones designed for newcomers to Canada.

Step 5: Ensure that your application, selection and interview processes are welcoming to newcomer participation. The opportunity for candidates to take screening interviews from a distance using technology solutions is one way to encourage international applications.

The Employer’s Roadmap to hiring and retaining internationally trained workers created by the federal government is an excellent resource for employers.

Visit our Useful Resources for ways to connect directly with newcomers looking for a career in Northwestern Ontario.