Why Hire Newcomers?

Employers hire newcomers for many reasons depending on the nature of their business. Typically, hiring newcomers or internationally trained individuals provides employers with valuable human resources in the face of knowledge gaps or labour shortages – particularly as older workers retire.

In Northwestern Ontario, skilled newcomers are filling jobs shortages and specialist roles in key industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, sales, mining and hospitality because of a lack of local labour supply. Hiring newcomers has allowed diverse organizations to become more productive, efficient and grow their operations.

Top reasons to hire newcomers:

  • Fill job vacancies
  • Overcome knowledge/skills gaps
  • Gain insight from the perspectives of different cultures
  • Improve workplace diversity
  • Gain access to new international contacts and networks
  • Introduce innovative and new ways of working
  • Bring new expertise
  • Increase language capacity
  • Compete in new markets/attract new customers

When employers in Northwestern Ontario face difficulties recruiting local people with the right training, skills and experience for their operations, they consider the advantages of hiring newcomers and internationally-trained workers. 

Newcomers are also typically considered to have a strong work ethic and be self-motivated by employers.


Moving to a new country to start a new life or career requires personal risk, courage and strong motivation. Newcomers are typically ready to work hard to make their dreams of a better life in Canada a reality.