As an employer, hiring the best person for the job is instrumental to business success. This information is designed to help employers who have identified a newcomer candidate and are ready to hire.

Newcomers to Canada fall under one of two following categories; those who are legally eligible to live and work anywhere in Canada, and Internationally Trained Individuals who are seeking temporary or permanent status to live and work in Canada.

1. Legally eligible to live and work anywhere in Canada include:

  • Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Naturalized Canadian Citizen
  • Open Work Permit (unless restrictions listed on permit)
  • Post-Graduate Work Permit
  • International Student (limited to 20 hours a week unless on break from school, i.e. Summer/ Winter break)

2. Seeking temporary or permanent status to live and work in Canada


Employer Chart


If you hire a temporary worker through the International Mobility Program (IMP), you will need to pay an Employer compliance fee and submit an offer of employment form to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This must be done before the foreign national can apply for a work permit. You will submit the offer of employment through IRCC’s Employer Portal.

Before you consider hiring international workers, as an employer you must assess if there are alternative options for filling the job vacancies from the local labour force. Contact Thunder Bay Multicultural Association for advice on hiring best practises and guidelines.