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Canoeing Capital of Canada

The Town of Atikokan wants to encourage people to come and live in, work in, invest in and play in our community. Our job is made so much easier by the fact that our economy is becoming one of the most diverse in Northwestern Ontario. Our community is set in some of the most spectacular landscapes in North America.

Atikokan is quickly becoming a model town for regeneration. So impressive is our creativity and commitment to regeneration that we are poised for future community growth in many diverse sectors. Mining, energy development, the manufacturing of value-added wood products and tourism are all contributing to the diversification of our local economy. The service sector is also a growing force in Atikokan with hospitality services, recreational outfits, and government services leading the growth.

Our town is situated 3km off scenic Highway 11 in the southeast region of Sunset Country and is surrounded by Northwestern Ontario’s beautiful lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Known as the Canoeing Capital of Canada, Atikokan is the gateway community to outdoor adventures in the renowned Quetico Provincial Park and the White Otter Wilderness Area.

Designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a safe community, our residents enjoy the many benefits of living in an acclaimed place such as this.

Find out more about the Atikokan lifestyle, our heritage as the Canoeing Capital of Canada, our economy, and why it pays to invest in Atikokan.

To learn more, visit the Town of Atikokan and the Visit Atikokan websites.

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What do you think is most important when considering where to live?  Real estate prices, school systems, taxes, a clean environment, lack of stress? In Atikokan we have it all.

The Town of Atikokan, located in the southeast area of Sunset Country, is a strong and vibrant place.  We are a full service municipality that offers a healthy outdoor lifestyle. There are lots of activities, things to do and places to go in Atikokan.

Downtown Atikokan is a place for families. Everything is within walking distance from the neighbouring residential areas. Our amenities include a downtown experience with locally-owned restaurants, cafes, shops, and accommodations. We also have a weekly newspaper, museum, public library, most Christian Church denominations and a complete range of personal, financial, professional and wellness services.

Whether you need to visit a doctor, hair salon, real estate agent or bank, Downtown Atikokan is quick, convenient and accessible to every resident. Support services for your safe and healthy Atikokan lifestyle include:


  • Atikokan Community Fellowship

  • Church of the Good Shepherd – Anglican

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

  • Faith Lutheran Church

  • First Fellowship Baptist Church

  • Full Gospel Assembly - Pentecostal

  • Jehovah’s Witness’ Kingdom Hall

  • Riverview United Church

  • St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

health Services

  • Atikokan General Hospital; Extended Care Wing; Physiotherapy; Atikokan Community Counselling; Diabetes Day Care; land ambulance; video conferencing facilities and services.

  • Atikokan Family Health Team

  • Northwest Health Unit

  • Community Care Access Centre

  • Home Support

  • Dental Services

  • Chiropractic Services

  • Massage Therapy

  • Naturopathic care

  • Mobile Medicine (CNIB Eye Van, Breast Screening)

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Narcotics Anonymous

Social Services

  • Rainy River District Social Services Area Board (Ontario Works, Social Housing, Land Ambulance)

  • Shelter of Hope (Women’s shelter)

  • Atikokan Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation

  • Atikokan & District Association for Developmental Services

  • Family & Children’s Services

  • Atikokan Native Friendship Centre


  • Ontario Provincial Police

  • Atikokan Volunteer Fire Fighters

  • Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Protection

Business Services 
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Atikokan Economic Development Corporation

With the help of provincial and federal governments, Atikokan has been investing in the diversification of its local economy and its workforce.

The Atikokan Mineral Development Initiative has increased the knowledge of the area’s geology and as a result, prospectors and junior mining companies have started doing exploratory work in our area. These companies hire local people and continue to shop and do business in the community. When it comes to the future of mineral development, pig iron and gold present the most potential opportunities for future employment.

The Ontario Power Generation (OPG) plant has hosted a number of successful research projects during recent years. Atikokan is optimistic that construction will begin soon to convert the existing coal plant into a biomass plant, employing a significant workforce from Atikokan and the region.

Another new industry in its beginning stages is Atikokan Renewable Fuels. The company is currently converting the town’s former particleboard plant into a wood pellet manufacturing facility. Production is expected to commence in early 2010.

A regional tourism project currently named Path of the Voyageur is taking shape. The Minister of Natural Resources has also given approval to reactivate the Atikokan – Quetico Park renewal team. The group will be looking at ways to enhance Atikokan’s economy through its connections with the renowned wilderness park.


The Town of Atikokan is proud to offer safe, educational experiences for children and adults through its own school facilities and locally governed childcare. There are two publicly-funded elementary schools and one secondary school in the municipality.

Children’s Services

Childcare and pre-school services are designed to provide activities that stimulate all areas of the child's development and are available at the following facilities:

  • Rainbow Daycare Centre

  • 2-3-4 Playgroup

  • Sun Dog Family Resources Program and Ontario Early Years Centre

School Services

Education services are delivered from Junior Kindergarten level through to High School. Postsecondary services are also offered in the community through various distance and alternative learning institutions as follows:

  • North Star Community School (Junior Kindergarten – Grade 6)

  • St. Patrick’s Separate School (Junior Kindergarten – Grade 8)

  • Atikokan High School (Grades 7 – 12); with Outers for Grades 11 or 12

  • Contact North (Distance education)

  • Lakehead University (Off campus courses)

  • Atikokan Literacy Inc. – Atikokan Learning Centre

  • Atikokan Public Library

  • Atikokan Intergenerational Centre for Arts & Alternatives

Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Lakehead University and Confederation College are close by in Thunder Bay – just a short 2 hours commute away.

Doing Business 

The more than 100 businesses now located in Atikokan find this environment an excellent source of reliable, skilled workers and services, which help to make them competitive in larger markets. Serviced and unserviced commercial property and industrial-zoned land is available and waiting for development. Water and sewage facilities are also able to meet the growth requirements of any business.

The Town of Atikokan Council and staff along with the Atikokan Economic Development Corporation Board and staff are working collaboratively on several initiatives to develop and enhance business opportunities in Atikokan.

The major advantages of doing business in Atikokan include:

  • Location - strategically located along the Highway 11 corridor. Approximately 2 hours driving time from the City of Thunder Bay. Close proximity to the Manitoba border and the United States.

  • Transportation – CNR, taxi, Seniors Handi-van, Caribou Bus Lines, Iron Range Bus Lines and a Driver/Vehicle Registration and Examination Centre ensure mobility within the community and around the region.

  • Public Utilities - Water, gas and other services basic to your business are readily available at competitive rates.

  • Communications – Telephone, cell phone, high speed internet, radio, television (cable and satellite) and newspapers are available to keep you and your business connected.

  • Labour - A skilled, stable, non-transient pool of available labour exists in the municipality.

  • Available Serviced Lands - An abundance of serviced land exists close to Highway 11 for industrial and commercial development.

  • Existing Facilities - Prime industrial, commercial and office facilities are available for sale or lease.

  • Economic Development Services - The Atikokan Economic Development Corporation offers a multitude of resources and services to assist with your business location needs and to foster business development growth.

  • Employment and Business Services – In addition to the Atikokan Economic Development Corporation, support services and resources are provided by the Atikokan Chamber of Commerce, Atikokan Employment Centre and Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry.

  • Other Services – Whether it is a financial institution, an accountant, real estate agent or postal services, Atikokan offers the business services that your business will need to succeed.


You just have to look around the Atikokan area to see all of the beautiful landscapes and parks suitable for every kind of outdoor activity, in addition to well-maintained facilities for organized recreation. You could literally find something new to do 365 days of the year here, be it hiking, wildlife viewing, rock-climbing, snowmobiling or of course, canoeing in the superb Quetico Park.

Recreation Activities:

As a municipality we promote a healthy lifestyle for our residents and encourage people both young and old to get active and get involved. A choice of recreational activities are offered including:

  • Charleson Recreation Area: horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling, motocross, canoeing, 4x4 mudfling, ATV

  • Snowmobile Trails (International trail system)

  • Little Falls Golf Course

  • Little Falls Curling Rink

  • Atikokan Arena

  • Mount Fairweather (downhill skiing and snowboarding)

  • Cross Country ski trails – TransCanada Trail

  • Walking and biking trails – TransCanada Trail

  • Atikokan Municipal Swimming Pool (indoor)

  • Hogarth Pit Bowling Alley

  • Outdoor Skating Rinks

  • Baseball Diamonds

  • Tennis/Badminton/Basketball/Volleyball Courts

  • Soccer Field

  • Minor Hockey/Ringette/Figure Skating

  • Parks and Playgrounds

Service Clubs:

If you want to meet new people in Atikokan or get involved with local community events, there are several active Service Clubs here:

  • Canadian Legion Branch #145

  • Canadian Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary

  • Kiwanis Club

  • Knights of Columbus

  • Lions Club

Recreational Clubs:

If you want to make your hobby or favourite pastime into a more competitive activity, be it fun or personal development, there are many recreational and sports clubs to join:

  • Atikokan Bowling Association

  • Atikokan Curling Club

  • Atikokan Figure Skating Club

  • Atikokan Guiding Association

  • Atikokan Karate Club

  • Atikokan Lobball Association

  • Atikokan Minor Hockey Assoc.

  • Atikokan Motocross Club (AMX)

  • Atikokan Ski Club

  • Little Falls Golf Club

  • Nordic Beaten Path Cross Country Ski Club

  • Atikokan Sno-Ho Snowmobile Club

  • Steep Rock Mountain Bikers

  • Equine Trail Riders Club

  • Bow to Stern Canoe Association

  • Mudslingers 4x4 Club

Community Events:

Atikokan hosts many events throughout the year that provide activities and entertainment for local residents as well as visitors to the community. There are also many opportunities to help in the planning of our community events:

  • Snow-A-Rama (Timmy Ride)

  • Winter Carnival

  • Figure Skating Ice Show

  • Lions Spring Carnival

  • Vintage Car Show

  • Native Aboriginal Day

  • Canada Day Celebrations

  • Atikokan Bass Classic

  • Trade Show (Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club of Atikokan)

  • Kiwanis Fall Fair

  • Kiwanis Santa Claus Parade


World famous attractions and parks are on your doorstep in Atikokan and are an important part of our community culture and heritage:

  • Quetico Provincial Park

  • White Otter Castle

  • Little Falls Lookout

  • Atikokan River

  • Steep Rock Iron Mine Site

  • Atikokan Centennial Museum and Historical Park

  • The Pictograph Gallery

Other Entertainment, Activities and Organizations:

If you still have not found something that matches your interests, Atikokan also offers many other types of entertainment, social and cultural organizations. There really is something for everyone in our community and we always welcome new ideas and community volunteer groups.

  • Atikokan Entertainment Series

  • Atikokan Children’s Entertainment Series

  • Friendship Theatre

  • 600 Starfighter Squadron Air Cadets

  • Atikokan Amateur Radio Club

  • Atikokan Darts League

  • Atikokan Fix-it Club

  • Atikokan Hospital Auxiliary

  • Atikokan Native Friendship Centre

  • Atikokan Sportsmen’s Conservation Club

  • Brownies

  • Friends of Quetico Park

  • Girl Guides of Canada

  • Horticultural Society

  • Pioneer Centre

  • Red Hat Society

  • Scouting Association

  • Atikokan Youth Initiatives

  • Atikokan Labour Council

 Where We Are

Radu Apavaloae

I love Atikokan and its spirit. Since I moved here I have started to enjoy myself like never before. If you like the outdoors this the perfect place to be. I like the people of Atikokan and their altruistic efforts to improve the town and themselves. I feel safe and I feel blessed. What more I can ask for?


Ildiko Apavaloae

My family and I immigrated to Canada in March 2001.We left behind the political instability, poverty and corruption of our home country, Romania, but also beloved family, friends and memories with the hope of a brighter future, both personally and professionally. Despite fifteen years of forestry experience and academic credentials, as  recent immigrants we faced various barriers that any person in our situation would face (i.e. not knowing how to access information, lack of Canadian work experience and training, English language proficiency, credential assessment, licensing). The years of hard work, privation, and continuous learning were rewarded by earning a Masters of Forest Conservation degree from the University of Toronto, the title of Registered Professional Forester designation, followed by employment with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Atikokan, Ontario. My life has changed greatly since my arrival to Atikokan. Moving somewhere new is often difficult, but making the move to a small town can be a pleasure. It is a delight to become a part of a close-knit, warm community such as Atikokan. No sooner have you landed than you find yourself skiing on tens of kilometers of wonderful trails, biking on rugged bush roads or on roads along gorgeous lakes and boreal forests dotted by majestic red and white pines , in a murder mystery at the Intergenerational Center or going for a canoe trip in beautiful Quetico Park. No one needs to try to adjust; the rich North-Western culture and stunning wilderness will bring out the existing Atikokanite in anyone. This move was not only rewarding on a personal note but on a professional level as well. I achieved things that I don’t think I could have initially even dreamed upon my arrival in Canada. Surrounded by caring, friendly people and colleagues I was able to put to good use the skills and knowledge accumulated during my carrier in Romania than complemented through my education in Canada. All culminated in  2008 when my work was recognized by my fellow  pears as the  recipient of the year of  Ontario Professional Foresters Association’s (OPFA) “Forester of the Year”. None of this would have been possible, without moving up here.


Julie Slack, MSc, RD

Why I love Atikokan, Ontario I moved to Atikokan in January 2007 to be with my partner. To be totally honest, before I moved here I was not very excited about living ‘in the middle of no where’.  But once I got here, it sure didn’t take me long to fall in love.  I had lived in many communities before moving to Atikokan and I had never felt that true sense of community or spirit before moving here.  The people are so friendly and instantly accept you as one of them.  I think the part of Atikokan that made me a ‘lifer’ was the unlimited amount of activities that are at our fingertips.  We have a wonderful swimming pool, arena and curling club/golf course in our community, and we are surrounded by lakes and the beautiful Quetico Park.   My favourite are our amazing mountain bike and ski trails, right at our back door.  I feel like Atikokan is a little kept secret and look forward to raising a family in this community one day. 

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