Municipality of Sioux Lookout

message from the mayor:

Sioux Lookout, Ontario, the “Hub of the North”

Sioux Lookout is a modern community providing essential services to Municipal residents and as the “Hub of the North” to surrounding communities. During recent years of turbulent global economic conditions Sioux Lookout has experienced relative economic stability and continued growth. This stability comes largely from our position as a service hub for northern communities, but also from a diverse economy that includes: forestry, railroad, tourism, professional sectors, air transportation, retail, bulk fuel supply and delivery, construction and material supply, hotels, restaurants, government services, health care, social services, and First Nation’s agencies. Sioux Lookout has a unique and privileged position as a service hub for twenty-nine First Nations and the 30,000 people who live in those communities. The Meno Ya Win Health Centre, our largest employer (425 people), provides service to the northern communities and the Municipality. Current initiatives related to health care, transportation, and education are only made possible due to our vital relationship with the northern First Nations and surrounding communities we serve. The Municipal Airport with over 120,000 passenger movements per year continues to grow. Through our Friendship Accord with area First Nations we recognize the importance of their role and are committed to strengthening our relationships with First Nations governments and people in and around the Sioux Lookout area.

Sioux Lookout Council has worked collaboratively to develop a Strategic Plan for the 2014 to 2018 term of Council. We have recognized our shared beliefs and established that our core values as: respect, collaboration, trustworthiness, and accountability. These values will be central in our decision making and actions. Our Mission Statement aligns with our core values and acknowledges what our primary purpose is, who we serve, and how we serve: To provide municipal services to our citizens and to become a more prosperous, attractive, inclusive, and sustainable community. Council intends to initiate and support more cross-cultural community initiatives and increase community engagement and pride through activities, dialogue, and celebrations. Building on our core values and mission, we have developed our Vision Statement for 2018: Through innovative leadership we engage our diverse population to create a caring, prosperous place to live, invest, and be a desirable destination for regional services and tourism. 

Mayor Doug Lawrance

Municipality of Sioux Lookout


Sioux Lookout is a dynamic, multicultural and full-service community which is surrounded by lush forests and beautiful pine-bordered lakes, providing an enviable lifestyle. Living in Sioux Lookout is a recipe for health, happiness, and overall personal and professional satisfaction. As a service hub for nearly 30,000 people and a year-round tourist and outdoor recreation destination, the community provides an enviable lifestyle for visitors and residents alike.

Sioux Lookout has a rich history (including the Legend of Sioux Lookout), a vibrant business community, a wealth of community service organizations, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that embraces new-comers from within the region, across Canada and around the world!

Sioux Lookout is home to the annual Blueberry Festival, the new Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre – a state-of-the-art health care facility – and many First Nations organizations. Sioux Lookout boasts many amenities, businesses and services which help to enhance the quality of life of residents and visitors alike, including a municipally-operated airport that serves the region.

Interested parties are encouraged to review Sioux Lookout’s Community Profile for a better sense of the community and all it has to offer. You are also welcome to take a look at the Municipality’s “Points of Interest” map to appreciate some of the many amenities within the community.

Health Care

The Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre – a state-of-the-art health care facility – provides first class health and social services to the community. The Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority also plays a vital role in health services in Sioux Lookout.

Other health care resources include:


If you’re looking for a home, please visit our local Realtors:

Places of Worship

  • Ashawaabic Ministries - (807) 737-2989
  • Believers Fellowship - (807) 737-2213
  • Calvary Baptist Church  - (807) 737-3293
  • Hudson Believers' Fellowship - (807) 582-3252
  • Sacred Heart Church - (807) 737-3760
  • Saint Andrew's United Church - (807) 737-3131
  • St. Mary’s Anglican Church – (807) 737-2790

Service Clubs

Sioux Lookout is home to a wide variety of service clubs and organizations. Among them are the Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism Committee, the Rotary Club of Sioux Lookout, the Lions Club,  the Royal Canadian Legion, and the Knights of Columbus. These are only a few of the service organizations providing important community-based services to residents.


Sioux Lookout Is A Great Place To Work! 

Sioux Lookout has a diverse labour force and many sectors contribute to the stability of the economy, including:

  • Agriculture and other Resource-based Economies
  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Finance and Real Estate
  • Health, Education and Social Services
  • Business Services
  • Government (Municipal, First Nation, Provincial and Federal Government offices)

Looking for Work?

Contact Sioux-Hudson Employment Services for assistance in finding a job and getting ready to enter the workforce. Check out the latest job postings.

Investor Readiness

The following resources will help you with this process:

Growing Sectors – Do you have the skills?

  • Health & Social Services: administrators, doctors, nurses, technicians, social workers and much more
  • Education: teachers, administrators, student aides
  • Financial Services: Investors, entrepreneurs
  • Construction (skilled trades): plumbers, electricians, carpenters
  • Air services: pilots, managers, mechanics
Visit the Sioux Lookout Public Library!

Sioux-Lookout is home to three elementary schools and two high schools:

In addition to these facilities, the Cornerstone Christian Academy accommodates Grades 1 through 12 using the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum.

The Municipality of Sioux Lookout also operates three Day Care Centres to ensure your children have a strong start to their educational careers.

Other educational resources include:

  • Sioux-Hudson Literacy Council - a non-profit, community based, client-centered Literacy and Basic Skills Program. It also operates the Sioux Lookout Learning Centre and Good Learning Anywhere distance delivery programs.
  • Confederation College – a satellite site of the main Thunder Bay campus which offers programs and courses both in-class, correspondence and internet-based.
  • Brock University - offers a Bachelor of Education Program for First Nation students. The program creates research training and support for Aboriginal students and opportunities for Aboriginal and non-aboriginal scholars as well as a speaker series, colloquia, conferences, the sharing of resources, knowledge, collaborative research proposals and to generally foster intra-institutional communications relevant to Aboriginal issues, values, knowledge, experience and the contributions of Aboriginal peoples globally.
  • Lakehead University - Four Year Nursing Program - a joint initiative between Confederation College and Lakehead University, the project provides a combination of classroom and community-based clinical education in Sioux Lookout. Education responsibilities are shared between the college and university, and students who complete the four-year project will receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree from Lakehead.
  • Contact North provides, through its state-of-the-art technology network, access to distance education and training through its 145 Access Centres in more than 100 communities in Northern Ontario, enabling northerners to become lifelong learners while continuing to contribute to and live in their communities.
  • The Wahsa Distance Education Centre was established in the fall of 1990 to provide Ontario accredited secondary school courses through distance education to the remote twenty-three Sioux Lookout District First Nations. Radio and correspondence are two different program delivery systems that are used by Wahsa to provide the students with a full selection of high school courses while living in their home community. Wahsa operates as a private school under the authority of the Northern Nishnawbe Education Council.
  • Lac Seul Training Centre of Excellence was established in 2012 and is a training facility based in Hudson, Ontario.  The Centre provides certified training programs and workshops to people across Northwestern Ontario.
Doing Business 

The Municipality of Sioux Lookout has been working hard to make the community more business-friendly and investment-ready. Over 250 million in combined capital works over the past few years has helped to ensure the community has the infrastructure to support growth across all sectors.

The Sioux Lookout market includes up to 50,000 individuals – residents, visitors, and members of neighbouring communities to the North.

Some of the projects the local government and partners have completed on include:

  • Sewer and Water servicing at the Municipal Airport
  • Storm Water and Road Upgrades, Seventh Avenue
  • Sewer and Water Upgrades, York Street
  • New Provincial Court Facility
  • New Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Management Centre
  • Railway Heritage Building
  • Centennial Centre
  • Sioux Lookout Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre
  • Serviced and Unserviced Residential Lots
  • Highway Commercial Properties

Sioux Lookout is Open for Business!

Sioux Lookout is actively recruiting investors and entrepreneurs to help expand its growing and diversified economy.

There are many resources available to the business community, including:

The Municipality of Sioux Lookout is home to both a busy Economic Development Office and a visionary Economic Development Commission.

For more information on business-related information, please contact the Economic Development Office:

Telephone: (807) 737-2700    



Sioux Lookout is home to Cedar Bay, a recreational complex that offers both lakeshore and riding stable facilities and terrific links to local trails. The Cedar Bay complex is available for community use, and is an ideal location for outdoor education and overnight getaways.

The Municipality also maintains ball diamonds, soccer fields, a recreation centre/arena and tennis courts.  During the summer months, the Sioux Lookout Golf and Curling Club boasts a beautiful nine-hole course that is a challenge for all levels, and the winter months are filled with curling for all ages and abilities.

For the outdoor adventurer, access to the English River system provides opportunities for boating, world-class fishing, canoeing and camping. During the winter an extensive cross country ski trail system is groomed, and snowmobile trails are linked to neighbouring communities.

Sioux Lookout also has an engaged and active youth community, with the new and vibrant Youth Centre, located in the Centennial Centre, serves as the hub of activity, and the “home” of Sioux Lookout’s Youth Council. For more information on youth initiatives and programming, please visit our Youth Centre page and the Youth Council Facebook page.   

You will notice a lively spirit in the residents and strong interest in community development.

Sioux Lookout recently adopted a five-year Cultural Plan, which will serve as a guiding document to both the Municipality and the broader community for the enrichment of both quality of life and quality of place!

There's always a place off-the-beaten-track awaiting exploration, which makes Sioux Lookout a great place to live or visit.


“As a newcomer to Sioux Lookout, I was amazed at the meticulous parks, lakes and the breathtaking scenery. Whether I am enjoying time outside with friends, taking in the latest art exhibit or walking my dog along Umfreville Trail, I am always in awe of the vibrant culture surrounding me.”

– Community Engagement participant

Constance Sithole

Looking to advance his career, Constance Sithole’s husband Isaac, was pleasantly surprised when he attended a job fair and saw a recruitment ad for Northwestern Ontario. After living in the area of Toronto for two years, the Sithole family was looking to relocate and broaden their horizons. The recruitment ad brought the couple and their three children to the town of Sioux Lookout. The family arrived to the municipality in February of 2005, to very balmy conditions. The average temperate was approximately minus thirty degrees Celsius. Constance Sithole admits, the weather was the toughest change to adapt to, but the small community made up for it providing a safe dwelling for her children, where neighbour’s looked after each other. Teachers were also very kind to the Sithole family, making the kids feel welcome at school. Constance recommends the Municipality of Sioux Lookout, calling it a town full of opportunity. Over the years Constance has been able to upgrade her education, and is now working at a bank where she supervises employees. Isaac is a nurse by trade.

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Sioux Lookout is home to two major community newspapers.  

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