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Bienvenue à la Ville de Marathon 

Un endroit idéal pour construire une nouvelle vie, carrière ou entreprise 

Sur le plan du vivre ensemble, Marathon est un territoire désigné sous la loi des services en français de l’Ontario, la ville accueille d’ailleurs l’école secondaire francophone de la région, ce qui la rend un pôle d’attraction pour les jeunes désirants poursuivre leurs études en français. 

Sa population compte environ 15% de francophones. La communauté francophone de Marathon est très impliquée et elle entretient notamment des liens privilégiés avec celle de Terrace Bay. Un organisme francophone est particulièrement actif dans cette partie du Nord-Ouest ontarien et organise plusieurs activités pour que les gens qui parlent le français puissent vivre leur culture et conserver leur langue. 

En plus d’une école secondaire francophone, Marathon est l’hôte d’une école primaire francophone. L’éducation en français occupe donc une place importante à Marathon et c’est pourquoi la ville est représentée deux fois au sein du conseil scolaire catholique de la région. 


Marathon is a small town with a population of 4000 people. It is a safe, friendly and enjoyable community to be part of and best of all; it offers great homes and neighbourhoods in which to raise a family.

Located on Highway 17, Marathon is close to major city centres. There is currently no regular air service, but landing and fuel services are available.

Distances to nearest cities:

City Distance from Marathon
Thunder Bay 320 km (200 miles)
Sault Ste. Marie 420 km (255 miles)
Toronto 1200 km (720 miles)
Minneapolis, MN 1200 KM (720 miles)

Marathon has a mix of established and new neighbourhoods that include affordable residential housing and rental units. A majority of the houses are ‘newer’, built within the last 15 to 20 years.Housing prices in Marathon currently range at the low end from $40,000 CAN for a 3 bedroom, detached home with a garage, to $85,000 CAN at the high end for a 3 bedroom home with attached garage and a large yard.

Essential health services are available to residents in Marathon. The town is home to the Wilson Memorial General Hospital that has full emergency services, recent infrastructure upgrades and an experienced medical team. Marathon also has a medical clinic; Marathon Family Practice, three dental offices, a chiropractic clinic, and a branch of the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.

Services offered at Wilson Memorial General Hospital include:

  • Family medicine
  • Maternity and paediatrics
  • Emergency
  • Tele-medicine and consultation
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound

For more information visit the Marathon Family Practice website at

Modern telecommunications infrastructure, retail shopping and varied recreational opportunities are some of the other living assets found here. In addition, a number of support and assistance social services are available along with a full-service Public Library.

Marathon is considered a very safe community and an excellent place to raise a family. This is in large part due to the excellent public safety services that serve the community, which include: Ontario Provincial Police, Superior North Emergency Medical Services, and Marathon Volunteer Firefighters.


In Marathon, we know that education is vital to promoting individual and community development. That is why we ensure that Marathon families have access to quality and community based learning opportunities throughout the lifespan.

A range of educational facilities and learning programs are delivered to people of all ages in Marathon. At the primary level, English Public, English Catholic and French Catholic school systems are offered. At the secondary level, both English Public and French Public schools are available. In Canada, a public education is provided free of charge to children and their families who are residents or citizens of Canada. Further information about local primary and secondary school listings can be found on the Marathon website.

In addition, the variety of postsecondary programming in Marathon is impressive. Confederation College operates a satellite campus in the community which provides a wide range of programs and courses for the specific needs of the local labour market. Other postsecondary institutions can also be accessed in Thunder Bay - within just a few hours drive from Marathon. The Marathon website also provides a complete list of postsecondary education options and relevant contact information.

Most importantly, families who choose to move to Marathon can feel comfortable in the fact that all our schools are safe, secure and offer ideal conditions for learning and personal enrichment. In our community, physical education, music, theatre and sports are considered an essential and daily part of a well-rounded education.


Marathon has a skilled work force and is considered a high wage earning community.  Marathon residents are employed in a range of traditional and new employment opportunities.

For the most part, Marathon’s employment opportunities are fuelled by the Hemlo Gold Mines and associated industry supply services. Marathon’s economy is also supported strongly by consumer businesses that serve the needs of local and regional populations such as Canadian Tire, Extra Foods and Marathon Centre Mall.

Like other similar sized communities, the public sector provides important jobs for people in Marathon. Government administration through municipal and provincial offices, the education sector through the Superior Greenstone District School Board, and the health and social care services are prominent employers.

Doing Business

The Town of Marathon is equipped with various resources for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to establish their operations in Marathon.

The Town of Marathon Economic Development Office is responsible for assisting business and industry to locate, relocate or expand operations in or around the Marathon area. The office provides detailed and current information to companies wanting to make informed decisions on important business issues such as site selection. Local and prospective businesses can take advantage of the Office’s resources and expertise to source the information and contacts necessary to succeed in today's competitive global economy.

The Marathon & District Chamber of Commerce is an active and progressive organization that provides a variety of services to the business community. It initiates and carries out a number of programs focused on enhancing the competitive nature of both large and small businesses located within Marathon and area. The Chamber of Commerce presents a strong voice to local governments on issues specific to business, as well as lobbying both senior levels of government to affect change and growth.

Marathon residents have direct access to the Superior North Community Futures Development Corporation. It is a Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) funded by Industry Canada (FedNor). Core activities include business counselling and information services as well as small and medium-sized business loans. The organization also participates in community development and job creation on a regional level.


Marathon has recreation activities for all of its active and healthy residents to enjoy on a year-round basis. There is a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities that appeal to people of all ages and interests.

One of Marathon’s main attractions is Pebble Beach, located on Lake Superior and the Great Lakes Heritage Coast. Pebble Beach is said to be a unique geological phenomenon, covered in hundreds of thousands of completely round polished and smooth rocks, which are a result of Lake Superior’s waves polishing the rocks, year after year.

The newly revitalized Penn Lake Park and Campground has enough to keep the entire family busy for the day. This municipally run park has fully serviced and accessible campsites, playground, sandy beach, picnic area, and a hiking trail that winds around the lake.

For a day out in the great outdoors and adventure, residents of Marathon also take a short drive to Pukaskwa National Park. The wilderness site offers modern camping facilities, hiking trails, bird watching opportunities and a chance to admire the area’s natural wonders.

Neys Provincial Park is located to the west of Marathon. The park is a former German Prisoner of War camp. White Lake Provincial Park is also within commuting distance of Marathon.

For those who like to golf, Marathon’s Peninsula Golf Course offers a great game. The Stanley Thompson designed signature nine hole public course overlooks Lake Superior and offers challenging par three’s, four’s and five’s, as well as a licensed clubhouse, pro shop, club rentals, cart rentals, and a certified CPGA Professional.

In addition to parks and golf, there is opportunity to do downhill skiing at Superior Slopes Ski Hill, and cross-country skiing on world-class trails. Marathon also has excellent indoor recreation facilities including the Port Hole Swimming Pool, Marathon Arena, Marathon Curling Club, Marathon Theatre and Marathon Bowling Lanes.

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