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Armstrong est une petite communauté rurale située 250 kilomètres au nord de Thunder Bay à la fin de l’autoroute 527 et au nord-ouest du lac Nipigon, le plus grand lac entièrement en territoire ontarien. La communauté d’Armstrong est la porte d’entrée du parc provincial Wabakimi; un parc récréatif au cœur de la nature du Nord-Ouest de l’Ontario reconnu à l’échelle mondiale pour y faire du canoë. La région est composé de grandes forêts boréales ainsi que de lac et rivières d’eau douce. C’est un environnement naturel idéal à explorer tout en faisant du camping, de la chasse, du canoë et de la pêche. Il y a plus ou moins 300 personnes vivant à Armstrong alors que la Première Nation voisine de Whitesand peut compter sur 400 résidents. Les résidents locaux bénéficient d’un mode de vie rural calme, entouré d’une nature sauvage immaculée d’une incroyable beauté. Le mode de vie est tranquille et amical. Plus que tout, Armstrong est une communauté multiculturelle qui accueille favorablement les nouvelles personnes et entreprises qui veulent assurer un avenir dynamique à la région et ses résidents.


About 300 people live in Armstrong with another 400 people living in the neighbouring First Nation of Whitesand. It is a peaceful place where land is very affordable, taxes are low and local infrastructure is modern. The town is run by a group of volunteers organized into a Local Services Board.

There are more amenities and services in Armstrong than you might expect from a community of this size.  You can find shopping, places to eat, tourism operators, churches, health and social services, recreation facilities, a school, a virtual library and annual events. In addition, local utilities including water, telecommunications and hydro-electricity are up to date and well maintained.

Armstrong is a popular stopover for tourists and workers who are headed into the remote north by air.  It is a significant hospitality and service centre for many remote outposts and First Nations; increasing the demand for high quality amenities.

Major community facilities and services include:


Health Services:

  • 24 hour paramedics service
  • Emergency land, air or helicopter services to take acute care patients to Thunder Bay
  • Dilico Anishinabek Family Care
  • Mobile Breast Screening Unit
  • Norwest Community Health Centre (Nurse Practitioner 5 Days a Week)

Police & Fire Services:

  • 24 hours Ontario Provincial Police
  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Fighters

Employment opportunities in Armstrong can be found in the natural resource industries as well as public service sectors. There are also casual and temporary jobs in seasonal industries. This is definitely a community where work-life balance is valued and a variety of family friendly working environments are available.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is a seasonal employer that hires individuals on an annual basis to work in Provincial Parks as well as to help manage forest fires and other forestry and water conservation programs. Hunting and fishing camps also provide a source of summer employment.

Public sector employment is provided through government jobs at the provincial and local level as well as in education and health care fields.

When it comes to private sector employment, there is a Canadian National Rail (CNR) bunkhouse in Armstrong and an increasing number of jobs opening in mining and energy sectors. As mining operations continue to expand and other transmission and hydro electric projects develop, there will be many more employment opportunities available in Armstrong both directly and through spin-off businesses.


Students attending the Armstrong Public School are provided with a safe and enjoyable learning environment that is cooperative and respectful to all cultures and faiths.

The school provides classroom teaching from Junior Kindergarten (SK) to Grade 8. With modern and well-equipped facilities such as a large library, gymnasium and classrooms, students are able to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to become successful in their future education.

The Ni-Gik-Keam Drop In Centre also offers 2 hour drop off day care services for preschool aged children. At the centre, children receive social interaction and creative programming such as cooking lessons, painting, story time and more.

In addition to traditional classroom teaching, the Armstrong landscape offers fantastic opportunities for natural learning in the great outdoors including unique practical experiences and education with an environmental focus.

The Wabakimi Provincial Park supports a rich natural heritage, culture and environment; allowing students to explore the important forces of nature, wildlife, geology and history in their own backyards. The Virtual Library available at the Armstrong Resources Develop Corporation also provides access to a world of information and resources for learners of all ages.

Doing Business 

Armstrong successfully merges the friendliness and atmosphere of a small community with the convenience of a growing service centre. If you are interested in doing business in Armstrong, there are supports and services available to help your business succeed.

As one of the fastest growing service communities in the rural north, Armstrong is well positioned for substantial economic growth. Mining, energy and transportation initiatives in the remote north all present new business potential for the Armstrong area. Affordable and fully serviced land, low taxes and competitive costs, a skilled workforce as well as easy access to road, rail and air transport, are all available and waiting for development.


With the Wabakimi Provincial Park and Lake Nipigon on the doorstep, Armstrong residents have no reason to stay indoors. The area is a very beautiful place to live and play in year round.

Outdoor adventures and wilderness experiences are based in and around the endless forests and lakes, with their spectacular views and clean fresh air. The landscape provides enormous scope for activities to suit all levels and all ages from canoeing, camping and fishing to hiking, wildlife photography. In the winter time, the area is a popular destination for snowmobiling, cross country skiing and snow shoeing among many other activities.

The most popular activities in Armstrong are undoubtedly fishing and hunting adventures in the Wabakimi Park, Albany River and Ogoki Reservoir areas.  There are several outfitters in the area that operate guided visits, fly-in lodges and wilderness outposts. Moose, caribou, bear and eagles are just some of the unique wildlife species that you might see on a remote north adventure. If you are looking for a place where tranquility is guaranteed, then the Armstrong area is exactly what you need to get away from it all.

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