Find a Place to Live

Finding a suitable place to live for you and your family is essential to your success and well-being as a newcomer in Northwestern Ontario. 

Choosing the right community, neighbourhood and home really depends on your personality and the type of lifestyle you seek.  Fortunately, our region’s diverse communities offer something for everyone; whether you seek peace and tranquility by the water, a vibrant social scene in the city or a family suburb in which to raise a growing family. 

Visit the Communities section of this website to learn more details, facts and information about different places to live in Northwestern Ontario. 

While you are deciding where you would like to finally settle in Northwestern Ontario, it is also important to find a safe, temporary place to live. Finding temporary accommodations can be time consuming and expensive. Local settlement service workers and agencies will be able to assist you to find suitable accommodation. There are a wide range of options so you will never be short of a place to stay.  Some good places to look for temporary accommodations are: 

  • Community bulletin boards
  • University and Colleges
  • Classifieds in the local newspaper
  • Friends and colleagues
  • Housing rental agencies
  • Lawn/window signs in your chosen neighbourhood
  • Settlement Agencies
  • 211 Ontario North

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