Assessment of Professional and Trade Credentials

Finding a new job is a top priority for most newcomers. Internationally trained professionals and trades people, such as doctors, engineers, electricians and plumbers are highly sought after in Northwestern Ontario. However, many professions and trades are highly regulated in Canada and newcomers often need to update their skills or education to qualify to work in Canada.

As an internationally trained professional, your first step should be to get an assessment of your professional/trade credentials. An assessment will help determine if you need to update your education and skills in order to work in your chosen field. International Credential Assessment Service of Canada is a Canadian company that provides assessment of education completed outside of Canada. Application packages for assessments can be obtained from the Access Centre in the Balmoral Centre for Adult Studies, in Thunder Bay. Fees apply and vary based on type of assessment.


In Ontario, some professions set their own standards of practice to protect the public. These are called regulated professions. You must apply to a professional regulatory group for a license or certification in order to work in Ontario. 

Education requirements vary between professions and each professional regulatory group in Ontario decides how to assess an individual’s academic credentials. If you are applying to a professional regulatory group for a license or certification you should check to see what assessment service they recognize. To see a list of regulated professions in Ontario visit the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Website.


If you plan to work in trades in Ontario or you plan to enter an apprenticeship, you will be required to obtain recognition of your trade qualifications and experience. For most trades, this means you will have to show that you have enough work experience to meet Ontario standards and you will have to pass a written examination. If you pass these requirements you will receive a Certificate of Qualification. Not all trades in Ontario require a Certificate of Qualification, however, your future employer and union may ask for a Certificate of Qualification. To see a list of trades requiring certification and all the trades where certification is voluntary visit the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities website.

If you wish to continue your academic studies once you arrive in Canada you will need to have your transcripts and other academic documents evaluated. You should contact the school directly to find out what information they may need from you.