Before You Arrive Checklist

As you prepare to leave your home country, you may wish to use this checklist as a reminder of what you need to do before you arrive in Canada.

  • Gather all of your essential and important documents. Have them translated into English or French
  • Look into taking English or French lessons through the LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) program. The French version of LINC is called CLIC (Cours de langue pour les immigrants au Canada)
  • Prepare yourself to find work in Canada. Research Canada’s labour market and learn about how to go about finding work here
  • Research the immigrant-serving organizations available where you plan to settle in Canada so that you can contact them soon after you arrive
  • Consider buying health insurance for the time you are traveling and for the short period before you become eligible for Canada’s medicare system
  • Make sure you know what you can and cannot bring into Canada
  • Consider living in one of Canada’s smaller or medium-sized cities, or in a rural community
  • Consider the season and weather you will find when you arrive—and the clothing that you will need

Preparing as much as possible before you arrive in Canada will help you adjust to your new home and get involved in your new community. Good luck on your journey!

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