Important Documents to Bring

It is very important that you remember to bring the following documents to Canada with you. In most cases these documents are very valuable and you may want to bring photocopies as well as the originals. You will need your documentation available to show to immigration and customs officials upon your arrival in Canada. Be sure to keep them in your hand luggage while traveling.

To enter Canada you may require the following: 

  • a valid passport from your country of citizenship
  • a Canadian immigrant visa and confirmation of Permanent Residence
  • a valid work permit or work visa
  • a detailed list of all the personal or household items you are bringing with you
  • a list of items that are arriving later

Note: The lists should state how much your personal and household items are worth.

  • You must also bring with you enough money to cover living expenses such as rent, food, clothing and transportation for a six-month period. You may be asked to show proof of your funds

During your first few weeks Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) suggests that you may also require the following: 

  • birth certificates or baptismal certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • adoption, separation or divorce papers
  • school records, diplomas or degrees for each family member traveling with you
  • trade or professional certificates and licenses
  • letters of reference from former employers
  • a list of your educational and professional qualifications and job experience (this is also called a résumé)
  • immunization, vaccination, dental and other health records
  • driver’s license, including an International Driver’s Permit

It is recommended that all newcomers get their documents translated into English or French by a qualified translator before you leave for Canada.