Foreign Student

International Students are supported to succeed in Northwestern Ontario schools and various services are available to ease the transition into a new school, a new home and a new country.

The School System in Canada
Each Canadian province runs and manages its own school system. In Ontario, the. Ontario Ministry of Education. governs publicly funded (free) education at the elementary and secondary school levels.

Higher Education
Postsecondary education in Ontario overall is regulated by the. Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Among the institutions are universities, colleges of applied arts and technology and private career colleges.

Learning English
Learning English is one of the best things you can do to improve your lifestyle and employment prospects. A good knowledge of the English language will help you to communicate better and integrate into your local community.

Assistance with Tuition
Universities and accredited colleges in Ontario are partially funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. This offsets students’ tuition fees to a large extent, but for many students financial assistance is still required.

Important Documents to Bring
It is very important that you remember to bring the following documents to Canada with you. In most cases these documents are very valuable and you may want to bring photocopies as well as the originals. You will need your documentation available to show to immigration and customs officials upon your arrival in Canada. Be sure to keep them in your hand luggage while traveling.

Travelling to NWO
Metropolitan Canadian cities such as Toronto and Winnipeg are points of entry into Canada for international travellers arriving by air, with connecting flights to Thunder Bay. Travelers destined for other cities and communities in the Northwestern Ontario region commonly come through Thunder Bay. Once arriving in Thunder Bay, travellers can commute to other northwestern communities via regional flight services provided by regional airlines.

Find a Place to Live
Choosing the right community, neighbourhood and home really depends on your personality and the type of lifestyle you seek.  Fortunately, our region’s diverse communities offer something for everyone; whether you seek peace and tranquillity by the water, a vibrant social scene in the city or a family suburb in which to raise a growing family.