How To Apply

To become an international student at any post-secondary institution in Northwestern Ontario, you must apply for admission and receive an offer of acceptance.

International candidates should contact the admissions department of their chosen school for specific admissions information.

Below are some general steps to applying to become an International Student:

  1. Choose your preferred college, university or school.
  2. Select your course or program.
  3. Check the entry requirements.
  4. Check the application closing dates.
  5. Check student visa processing times.
  6. Gather supporting documents i.e. education records, references, proof of language skill, medical examination, copy of valid passport etc.
  7. Apply for admission by completing and submitting all forms, documentation and application fees.
  8. Accept or decline your offer of acceptance.
  9. Meet any conditions of offer
  10. Apply for a student visa from your own country
  11. Apply for international student scholarships and bursaries
  12. Purchase health insurance
  13. Pay your fees.
  14. Arrange for accommodations
  15. Arrive in Canada in advance of the semester start date.

Need help?

Remember that you can ask for help and advice from the institution you are applying to and your local visa office in your home country.