Student Testimonials

Every year, hundreds of students from around the world choose to study in Northwestern Ontario. They find it to be a life-changing experience.

Students recommend Northwestern Ontario for many unique reasons; the quality of teaching, welcoming community, faculty support, and all round Canadian experience.

Rui wang, china

Hamza Zakari, West Africa

Let Them Tell You About It In Their Own Words

Rebecka Angell

Rebecka Angell never expected to move to Canada, but following a student exchange at Lakehead University, she fell in love with the community of Thunder Bay and her now husband. “I had no intention of ever moving here but it was a good opportunity for an exchange; I am so glad I ended up coming. My dad knew the area because he is a huge sports fan. I remember he told me before I departed about a big ski competition that was held in the City back in 1995.” (Which Rebecka later learned was the World Nordic Games, one of the biggest ski competitions in the world)

From Sweden, Rebecka moved to Thunder Bay in 2010 and is now a part of the charter class of Lakehead University's Faculty of Law; and not only that, she is the only student in the program from another country. “It was down to the wire for me to attend. My permanent residency came through just in time. It's such a special feeling.”

The 26 year old says the town of Lule, where she grew up, is a smaller city comparable to Thunder Bay, so it hasn't been that big of change for her. However there is one difference she said makes every day enjoyable. “People in Thunder Bay and Canada in general, are a lot more open and they are very engaging and talk to you. It's totally different from my culture; We aren't that engaging with strangers, but here, you can be at the grocery store, at a bus stop, and people talk to you. Its wonderful, I love it.”

Rebecka explains that the Canadian camaraderie expands into the law school, with personable staff and faculty that really care about your success. “You aren't just one amongst 100. Profs know your name and they want to talk to you. They all have the 'my door is always open' approach.”

Rebecka is confident that the community and Law School will help her reach her ultimate goal. With over 75 law firms in Thunder Bay, she explains that the community provides just as much opportunity as the campus. “As students we get to have tutorials with actual lawyers from the community. It is a great way of understanding how Thunder Bay works in terms of practicing law and you get to meet potential employers to. This really encourages students to stay in the North, as you can potentially meet your future employer in your first year.”

“I got a job as a receptionist at a local firm to get my foot in the door. That firm does family law, child protective services law- which I am interested in. I like kids and I like that aspect of trying to help.”

Jintu Kurichiyanil

"The Canadian education system is entirely different than the schooling I received in India. Everything in Canada was new to me but Lakehead made my transition easier. Everyone at Lakehead is so welcoming, and living in Residence during my first year helped me meet many new people. Lakehead has now become my home away from home.

After deciding to come to Canada, I picked Lakehead for my HBSW program because it is one of Canada's most supportive institutions and is known for being a value added university! So I knew I would receive a great education. The student-to professor ratio is small so I receive individual attention in my program. Lakehead offers student-centered learning, and I can only describe Lakehead faculty as more than amazing. Plus, the free tutoring is a huge stress relief!

The Study coffeehouse is the best place to study, and when I'm hanging out with friends I love to go to the Outpost. I also like to explore the wonderful city of Thunder Bay when I am not in class. I am proud to be a part of Lakehead. Coming to Lakehead University has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I hope that it is your decision too!"