Apply For Accreditation

If the profession or trade you wish to pursue in Canada is regulated you must be registered by the appropriate regulatory body before you can start work. 

It is illegal to work permanently or on a temporary basis in Ontario without the required accreditation. 

Becoming registered can involve several steps depending on your chosen profession or trade. It may include language testing, professional competency testing and work experience. 

The specific regulatory body will require you to provide evidence of your qualifications and professional experience and may ask for other evidence of eligibility in order to assess your credentials against Ontario standards.

The Ontario Government provides a variety of programs and services to help newcomers find resources, get licensed and start work in Ontario. Bridge Training programs are provided to help qualified newcomers quickly meet the criteria to work. 

To learn more about bridge training programs, visit Working in Ontario or contact Global Experience Ontario to find out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario.